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Thambi Durai’s comments on BJP catch government off guard
13 February 2019

DMK raises issue in Assembly, asks AIADMK where it stands on GST issue

The AIADMK found itself in a quandary on Tuesday in the wake of the criticism levelled against the BJP by party propaganda secretary and Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha Thambi Durai.

Raising this issue in the Assembly, DMK legislator K. Ponmudi sought to know the ruling party’s stand on the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which was among the various policies of the Centre that came under criticism from Mr. Thambi Durai.

Speaking during a debate on the Budget, Mr. Ponmudi asked the AIADMK: “In Parliament, Mr. Thambi Durai said GST had caused a lot of problems. Every time he says something, you say it is his independent view. But this statement [of his] cannot be an independent view since he spoke as an MP inside Parliament. He is a member of your party and is also the Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker. What do you have to say about it?”

Minister’s response

To this, the Fisheries Minister and Tamil Nadu’s representative on the GST Council, D. Jayakumar, referred to the various measures taken by late CM Jayalalithaa to bring in amendments to the GST law.

“You brought in the VAT, under which more than ₹5,000 crore is still pending to be received by Tamil Nadu,” he said.

Mr. Jayakumar also referred to the debate on Monday about the State’s Own Tax Revenues and said these taxes were important to fund the State’s own schemes. “Whatever is due to us will come to us,” he said.

DMK president and Leader of the Opposition M.K. Stalin intervened and reiterated Mr. Ponmudi’s point.

“Ponmudi wanted to know about Thambi Durai’s statement in Parliament (about GST). He had also spoken about various problems plaguing Tamil Nadu and how the Centre was vindictive towards the people of the State. Is it his own view or is it this (AIADMK) government’s view? I hope the Minister will answer this,” he said.

In his reply, Mr. Jayakumar said, “We have very clearly said in our Budget how much is due [to be paid] to us. This is what he has said in Parliament.”



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