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Dhoni for pacers playing in IPL ahead of WC
29 December 2018

Kumble moots the idea of resting some top bowlers from the annual T20 league

There has been a lot of debate on how to keep fast bowlers fresh for the upcoming World Cup, with suggestions like resting some for the Indian Premier League, that precedes the quadrennial event. It was something former India captain and coach Anil Kumble suggested here on Friday though M.S. Dhoni had some interesting counterpoint to that.

Speaking at a panel discussion, when asked about what India needs to do ahead of the World Cup, Kumble said, “one of the most important parts of preparation will be keeping yourself (players) fresh as there is a lot of cricket coming up from now till the start of the World Cup. Keeping the bowlers fresh will be an important aspect. Resting some top bowlers in a few of the IPL games, even though franchises may not like that or want to, for India’s sake, has to be considered.”

However, Dhoni, who led India to WC triumph in 2011 said, “keeping our bowlers injury-free will be very very important. If you rest them, the first thing commentators say is they are rusty, and if you make them play, then they are fresh.

Strike a balance

“Striking a fine balance is difficult but if you can manage your schedule, the four overs won’t make you tired. What is important is what you do after bowling those four overs. The four-overs game actually keeps you at your best as you are bowling yorkers, having variation and playing under pressure.”

“The bowlers can still play the whole of the IPL but what they need to manage is what they eat, when they sleep and wake up. I would like them to be at their best when it comes to the skill factor.”

“I always felt IPL was the best time to get in shape because I had a lot of time to train. I was playing only three-and-a-half hours every third day and it gave me time to spend in the gym. What is more important needs to be done rather than what looks right.”



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