February 23 2020
‘Genius’ review: mediocrity at its best
27 October 2018

Genius is a carelessly-written and poorly-enacted drama that’s packaged as a ‘message’ film

Suseinthiran takes up a premise that has been mastered by someone like director Pandiraj. You know there will be a commentary on almost everything, including education, parental pressure, and farmer issues. So here, we have Dinesh Kumar, (Roshan, also the producer) a software engineer who has to deal with stress at his workplace. How do we know this? He creates a ruckus at a tea shop, with an unpardonable comedy track. Even the scenes that are written around Dinesh are pretentiously done.

  • Cast: Roshan, Priya Lal, Naren, Meera Krishnan and Jayapalan
  • Director: Susienthiran
  • Storyline: An IT employee suffers from work pressure that makes him schizophrenic

For instance, Dinesh forgets to carry a towel to the bathroom... because, work pressure. He often loses control and rambles on in broken English... because, work pressure. At office, Dinesh hammers the keyboard for two days that someone has to literally remind him to use the toilet. By the time Suseinthiran shifts the focus back on the issue, you can sense an uninteresting flashback coming your way. A portion from Pasanga and a few scenes from the Sathyaraj-starrer Kunguma Pottu Gounder are served as Dinesh Kumar’s flashback. Throughout his childhood, Dinesh is intimidated by his father (played by Naren) to be the best at whatever he does. Of course, the film needs to have a high-school romance (save for Yuvan’s ‘Neengalum Oorum’ song) to show the lover boy in Dinesh, doesn’t’ it? We get Priscilla, who’s pronounced with a ‘K’ instead of a ‘C’. When Dinesh comes second in class, his father lashes out at Priskilla, thankfully ending the blooming romance.

In Genius, Susienthiran seems completely clueless about the story and its milieu. What do you have to say about a film that revolves around a schizophrenic who goes to a massage parlour for supposed ‘treatment’? Anything but genius.



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