August 25 2019
‘'96’ will appeal to the ’90s generation, says director C Prem Kumar
04 October 2018

Prem says that these two characters fascinated him. Ram is a rather unusual character, a travel photographer whose life has a nilaiyatra thanmai (unsettled and transient), while Janu was ahead of her times and daring. “When we reach our mid-30s, we fall in to a pattern of template life and certain personal traits begin to vanish. Issues relating to office, home, family and EMIs start to dominate. A few men remain the same way they were in their teens. Ram is one such.”


‘'96’ will appeal to the ’90s generation, says director C Prem Kumar

The other lead, Janaki, played by Trisha, is the extreme opposite. “What happens when they meet again and how they react to each other forms the crux of the narration.”

Prem Kumar was initially sceptical about narrating the script to Vijay Sethupathi, because the actor had known him only as a DoP. “But once I narrated, he was impressed. This gave me confidence, and once Trisha agreed to come on board, I was on cloud nine,” he chuckles. “But my inhibitions continued to haunt me. I had no experience in directing; I’ve not even worked as an assistant director. But my artists were highly professional and cooperated with me.” Working with an actor like Trisha helped him a lot. “As a director, it was easy to communicate with her. In my opinion, she approached this project like a Test match and played it cool and comfortable without struggling.”


‘'96’ will appeal to the ’90s generation, says director C Prem Kumar

Prem says the film will appeal to the 90s generation, and transport them back to their school or college days. “The story tells us that the other side of love is pain,” says the director about the film, which has music by Govind Vasantha.



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