July 08 2020
‘Don’t want to be a full-time politician’, says Kamal Haasan
03 October 2018

Kamal dismisses talk of pact with the DMK

Veteran actor and founder of Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) Kamal Haasan said on Tuesday that he did not want to be a full-time politician.

He made the statement while responding to a question on the subject from a reporter at Kaliyampoondi village near Uthiramerur, where he took part in a gram sabha meeting as a spectator.

When a reporter asked him when he would stop acting in films and take up full-fledged politics, Mr. Haasan said it was enough if a person devoted some time to politics; there was no need to be a full-time politician. “Even I don’t want to do it. No one does anything full-time,” he said, adding that cinema too was not a full-time profession for him.

At the same time, when asked whether MNM would field its candidates in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, he replied in the affirmative and added that steps have been initiated to contest the polls.

‘Express dissent’

“As far as I know there is no alliance” was his reply when his attention was drawn to news reports that the MNM and the DMK were likely to forge an alliance to face the forthcoming Parliament elections. Earlier, he made a call to the public not to remain mute spectators when the resolutions passed at the gram sabha meetings were not implemented. “Express your dissent by pasting posters asking what happened to the resolutions,” he said.



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