July 03 2020
Amazon to offer branding, marketing to small sellers
01 October 2018

Firm to help manufacturers leverage festival sales

In the run-up to the festive season, e-commerce giant Amazon India has announced a new service under which it will offer branding and marketing services to small sellers for a fee.

“A lot of manufacturers make good products but are unable to make a brand... we realised that the sellers, especially small manufacturers, that list themselves directly on our platform need help for higher reach and visibility. To address this, we have introduced Amazon Select,” Gopal Pillai, director and GM, seller services, Amazon India said.

As part of Amazon Select, the company would provide an array of brand-building tools, including consumer insights, brand consulting inputs, and brand protection and product discovery services.

This would be a cross-category offering targeted at new as well as existing brands with “differentiated product solutions,” he said.

The company had been piloting this programme for six to nine months. More than 100 brands, including Yogabars, Yaya Café and Skin Elements are already part of Amazon Select programme.

Quick logistics solutions

“Our aim is to invent for every part of brands’ value chain, from generating assortment insights, to providing quick turnaround logistics solutions, and driving traffic to their products... We have built capabilities and we offer services to remove the need for any external intermediaries for manufacturers when it comes to building their brands and reaching their customers directly,” he said.

“Through programmes like Amazon Select, we want to enable small brands and manufactures to leverage the maximum out of the festive season and offer their curated selection of millions of Indian shoppers who visit Amazon during this season.”



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