March 31 2020
‘Reborn’ Stalin reshapes DMK ideology
29 August 2018

Says party cadre shall respect faith while retaining a rationalist outlook

Newly elected DMK president M.K. Stalin on Tuesday unveiled a new ideology for the party, stating that adopting changes in tune with the times was inevitable for the survival of humans and animals alike.

“Both humans and animals cannot survive if they do not make changes in tune with the times. Let the change begin from us. The Stalin you have seen has taken a new birth. Today, I am a different Stalin. I have been reborn with the DMK’s genes and a dream to create a better future. I also greet the party members, who have [also] taken a new birth,” he said after assuming charge as the president of the party.

Mr. Stalin said he was spending sleepless nights as many questions had been weighing on his mind.


“We are witnessing a government (in Tamil Nadu) that has no self-respect, and whose motive is only to reap dividends. Before preparing ourselves to launch struggles in the outside world, we need to ask ourselves who we are, what our ideology is, what our shortcomings are, and what changes we need to make in these changing times. I could not sleep (as I was pondering these questions), and this eventually resulted in a dream, even as I was wide awake,” Mr. Stalin said.

Dreaming of a new dawn

The dream, he said, was about the “birth of a new Stalin and new party cadre”.

The ‘reborn’ party cadre would not consider their caste to be superior to those of others, but would treat everyone as their brothers and lend them a helping hand, the DMK leader said.

“The new cadre are not against faith in God. They may not believe in God, but would respect people of faith. They would raise their voice against wrongdoers, even if that includes me,” he said.

The new ideology, he said, was to have a rationalist view of the world, give equal respect to women and equal rights to transgenders and the differently-abled, restore individual liberty and freedom of expression, and oppose political parties that seek to destroy languages and impose a religious ideology on the country.

“These are some of the aspects of my long dream. The future is not far away. It is going to be realised right from this moment,” he said.

Noting that he was desperate to fulfil his dream, Mr. Stalin said he, as an individual, would not be able to do that without the support of his party cadre. “This is not my dream alone. This is the dream of Tamil Nadu and the DMK. Come with me and join hands. I am not asking you to follow me. We can walk together,” he told party cadre. Mr. Stalin said he took greater pride in calling himself Kalaignar’s (Karunanidhi’s) follower than his son.

“He wanted me to rise step-by-step in the party. I also preferred to grow that way. I carry [with me] the 70-year history of the DMK, and would like to lead Tamil Nadu and the Tamil race towards a totally new future,” he said.



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