January 21 2018
Head in the clouds
16 August 2017

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S improves upon its predecessors in some areas and avoids tinkering with an otherwise successful formula

If you’ve read our reviews of the HyperX Cloud Revolver and Cloud Stinger, you’d know that the brand has been doing some impressive work in the gaming headset space, particularly in terms of comfort and sound quality. With that taken into consideration, the new Cloud Revolver S has some big shoes to fill, and it’s packing the hardware to take on the challenge.

Inside the box

Right from the packaging, HyperX wastes no time advertising that by buying the Revolver S, you’re joining the big, bad pro gamer league (at least on the hardware front). Professional team associations, PC, console and voice client support are all displayed boldly on the packaging, literally leaving no box unchecked.

Inside, you get the Revolver S, a standard audio cable, an additional audio cable with a microphone output, and a USB cable with an audio box attachment. Plug the default audio cable into the box, and connect the cable to the PC via USB, and you get one of the Revolver’s signature features — 7.1 channel Dolby surround sound. Also included is a microphone, which can be removed entirely when not in use.

On the head

The Cloud line has been known for its legendary comfort, and the Revolver S keeps the flag flying high. It’s a chunky headset, but the ample cushioning and smooth metal rails adjust automatically to the size of the head and provide a snug fit with no fiddling required. The cables on offer are long enough to work with most gaming set-ups, and the control box, which comes with a clip to keep track of where it is, adds a whole new dimension to the sound.



Sounding off

Speaking of sound, well, it’s good. Really good, in fact. The headset delivers a clean sound signature that’s unlikely to blow your socks off, but makes you appreciate all the little intricacies in whatever you’re listening to. The audio box features a button to toggle between three equaliser presets — neutral, bass boost and vocal — which are a godsend in many scenarios, and give the headset enough versatility to handle multiple types of multimedia consumption. The two buttons on the box toggle Dolby Surround and microphone mute, with controls on the side next to them allowing headset and microphone volume adjustment. Turn on the surround mode and everything becomes more amplified, with the 50mm directional drivers in the ear cups coming alive and channelling precise sound. It’s like an invisible wall lifts and all the sensory input becomes clearer. This is excellent for gaming, and allowed us to pinpoint enemies, track down sound-based objectives (like those pesky challenge tomb entrances in Rise of the Tomb Raider) and generally enjoy deeper immersion in the game world. The only drawback is that since the audio box is part of the cable, keeping track of it and adjusting volume/muting the mic during intense sessions may be a bit of a problem. Said mic, while removable, is also rather inflexible, so when attached, there is no option of swivelling it out of the way when not immediately required, which can be cumbersome. On the positive side, its clarity and noise cancellation are more than up to scratch, so some credit is due to HyperX there.

Final thoughts

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is not without some flaws, but overall it maintains the high bar set by the other devices in the line-up. Officially priced at ₹12,999, it is not a cheap proposition either, but if you’re serious about gaming and want to invest in top-notch hardware, there is decent bang-for-buck here. Getting hold of one online is a little more problematic, though in the chance you can’t, the company’s Cloud II headset offers a lot of similar features for a lot less strain on the wallet.



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