January 20 2020
“Notify jallikattu as State sport’’
16 December 2013

Members of the Tamizhar Jallikattu Bulls Owners’ Welfare Forum urged the State government to restore the annual bull taming show, which, they said, was a martial art form, not only in the larger interest of the villagers, but also for preserving the Tamil culture and civilisation.

Led by N. Baskar, State president of the forum, they came to the Collectorate, and raised slogans in support of their nine-point charter of demands.

Mr. Baskar said jallikattu was organised in villages from Pongal festival till Aadi pooram.

The State government should extend police protection for the event in all villages. He said the conditions and restrictions (stipulated by the Supreme Court) should be revoked and the government should restore the original practice, which was in vogue till a decade ago.

They even demanded that the government allot special funds for this martial art which reflected the Tamil culture.

The Sports Development Authority should notify jallikattu as a State sport.



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