July 08 2020
Small states better for good governance: Nitish
31 July 2013

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Wednesday that smaller states facilitated good governance and he was not opposed to their creation.

In response to the creation of Telangana, Mr. Kumar said, “We have no problem with reorganisation of States into smaller units. In fact, small states are needed for better administration and good governance. The Janata Dal (United) party has always supported the idea of small States.”

Speaking outside the State Assembly on the sidelines of the ongoing monsoon, Mr. Kumar took a dig at the Opposition for staging frequent walk-outs.

“We are not shying away from discussions and debates on any issue, but the Opposition simply state their side and walk out. They don’t want to listen to the other side. They are following the hit-and-run approach. Instead they should follow the sit-and-debate approach,” Mr. Kumar said.



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