May 26 2020
Sania Mirza's father and his anxious moment
08 June 2012

Imran Mirza, Sania's proud father, was seen cheering and applauding his daughter every time she scored a point in her Mixed Doubles final match at the French Open on Thursday. All this not before he had his little tense moment in the first set when she and her partner Mahesh Bhupathi were struggling.

Speaking to NDTV, Mr Mirza said: "It's never easy to watch a match when a dear one is playing. They were struggling a little bit earlier on and that's the time I think you clicked me at the stadium. We did know that they had the capability to bounce back and that's exactly what they did."

Proud of Sania's second Grand Slam title with Bhupathi, Mr Mirza said the Indian pair won was because their games complement each others. 

"They have a lot of chemistry together. They get akin really well. They've been friends for a long time. Initially when Sania was a kid she was a great fan of Mahesh and now they've become such good friends. So the chemistry probably shows and their games complement each others," he said.



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