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India v Australia - Live updates
26 December 2011

Day 2 of the first Test between India and Australia promises all the twists and turns seen on the opening day.

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Right, that is all we have for today. Tune in at 5 am (IST) tomorrow for Day 3 action. Bye!

Sehwag kept seats filled at the ground with some outrageous shots in his fifty. Dravid is still around on 68, and will look to carry on to his 100 tomorrow.

Another entertaining day, India show class in their reply and are 119 runs behind Australia's first innings total of 333. Zaheer was the star with the ball, claiming 4 wickets in the innings to plot Australia's fall. He started the rut today with 2 early wickets.

And that is it for the day! So Sachin gets out in the last over of the day. Ishant plays out the rest of the over and India finish on 214/3.

Ishant Sharma in as night-watchman.

12:27: Sachin gone for 73! Good length outside off and comes back in a long way knock back off stump. So the wait continues. The 100th ton is not to be just yet.

Could Sachin get his 100th ton today? Not possible me thinks. He needs 31 runs with 6 overs remaining in the day.

Wow, it's all happening. Dravid gets an unplayable ball from Siddle. Pitches outside off and cuts back in sharply to castle the stumps through bat and pad. Dravid walks away but the umpire Ian Gould thought it could be a no-ball and went upstairs. Replays confirmed the no-ball, Dravid comes back to the crease and Siddle is disgusted.

No wait, hold on! It's a no-ball! Dravid is still around!

12:02: Dravid's vigil ends!

11:56: India go past 200. Strong, telling reply.

11:51: the Australian ground fielding has been brilliant. Saved a lot of runs, especially off Dravid and Sachin. Hard shots which have been stopped from going for four.

11:46: Well here's a surprise, David Warner tries his luck with the ball. Leg spin

11:39: Sachin does it again, the upper cut for four. Last minute adjustment at its best as the ball did not bounce too high, but Sachin somehow crouches low and gets under the ball to lift it over slips.

Divakar Pai from Thrissur feels Clarke got it wrong at the toss - "Unlike the earlier series where the usual Australian tactics is to demoralise the visitors on Day one itself, this time, I think the key of this series is set by Clarke by opting to bat first on the Boxing Day. It seems to be a (wrong ?) decision which in turn helped to boost the confidence of Indian bowlers who were among wickets on Day one.

And on Day two with flattening pitch, the Indian batsmen are growing in confidence.

Will this morale help the Indians throughout the series is what is to be seen."

11:36: Dravid looks fine. Puts his pads on and takes guard. He is still hobbling a bit though.

11:33: Dravid in trouble, he is clutching his leg and has taken off his pads. Could be a bout of cramps.

11:31: Fifties for both Sachin and Dravid. Huge contrast though. Free strokemaking from Sachin, and Dravid concentrating on survival.

11:18: Dravid not looking like the man who has been in such great form this year. He isn't middling the ball well. But he is sticking around, and that's what counts.

Both Dravid and Sachin on 46. Sachin all form and Dravid all fight.

11:07: Hussey returns to try and break this partnership. Hoping Sachin will relax and play a false shot. Unlikely, but worth a shot.

11:05: Dravid 42 in 119 balls. Typical gritty innings.

Pattinson bowling at a sharp pace with late inswing.

10:56: Strange passage of play here. Sachin and Dravid generally look on top of things with confident shots, but now and then the bowlers produce a beauty to catch them off guard. The pitch still has something in it.

10:37: Sachin and Dravid putting on an absolutely show here. A Sachin straight drive for four takes cricket aesthetics to another level.

10:30: Sachin and Dravid start positively after Tea. Lots of fours and adventurous shots.

10:24: Sachin does the upper cut again, this time for four. Pitched short again, and Sachin shapes to take it over slip. But the ball does not bounce as much so Sachin guides it between secong slip and gully. Dangerous shot this.

10:22: Siddle plugging away at Dravid ans Sachin without much impact. Maybe time for Pattinson to be brought in to create something.

Sachin has made that shot his own. Any head high ball outside off is merely helped along its way to third man. Perfect execution this time.

10:07: Sachin hits Siddle for six, first ball after Tea. Short ball and Sachin hits the upper cut, guides the ball over third man for the first six of the innings.

Join us in about 15 minutes for the final session.

And that's Tea. Sachin survives a tricky over from Hussey where he almost got caught at midwicket. India at 99/2. Highlight of this session was the planning and build up to the Sehwag dismissal.

09:43: Hussey to bowl his medium pacers. Last over before Tea.

Sachin Tendulkar is here. Crowd goes wild. They hope to see a vintage Sachin knock. If it happens to be the 100th ton, no one will complain.

The Sehwag wicket is a result of consistent period of great bowling from Pattinson and Siddle. Set Sehwag up for the dummy.

09:36: Sehwag gone! The plan works. All the bouncers have forced Sehwag to stay on the backfoot. So Pattinson bowls a full ball and Sehwag aimlessly throws his bat at it while staying on the backfoot. Gets an inside edge and the ball crashes in to the stumps. Sehwag gone for 67.

Pattinson making his plan to Sehwag clear. Bounce him out. Got to say that Sehwag does not look comfortable against the bouncers.

Hilfenhaus and Pattinson creating a lot of chances in the last half an hour. Many close calls for Dravid and Sehwag, but they hang on for now.

09:32: Nasty bouncer from Pattison has Sehwag in all sorts of trouble. Fiercely fast ball coming to Sehwag's face, and Sehwag barely manages to keep it off.

09:29: Sehwag survives a huge shout for a catch at short-leg. Short ball thudded into Sehwag's thigh and the umpire thinks there was no bat involved. Erasmus was right, but the Australians aren't happy.

09:28: Pattinson bowling well here. Beating Dravid and Sehwag often with delivering around off stump.

09:25: Dravid doing his usual dead bat thing, but is also playing some confident shots when the opportunity comes. That is danger for Australia, who might hope Dravid gets into a shell and creates pressure on himself, as he does at times.

09:18: Dravid leaving anything that is even remotely outside off stump. He has left some terribly close deliveries which have missed the off stump by a whisker. The bowlers think they almost had him, but Dravid seems confident about what he's doing.

09:16: No let up in the attack as Sehwag goes after a wide Hilfenhaus again. Haddin must want to disappear. he dropped Sehwag when he was on 58.

09:10: Sehwag reaches his fifty, Fantastic start to the series. Sehwag in form can only mean good things for India

08:54: Sehwag closes in on his 50. Dravid moving along at fair pace too. 20 off 33 for Dravid.

Super solid looking Rahul Dravid. How many more years will we have the pleasure of seeing him dig in and shut out the bowling? Many, many more years we hope.

08:41: Nathan Lyon not making much of an impression on Sehwag and Dravid. Clarke wants Sehwag to go after the spinner and miscue a hit, but Sehwag hasn't got strike. For now.

08:35: Sehwag latching on to anything wide. Blazes a full Siddle ball through cover for four, and then steers Siddle to third man for consecutive boundaries.

08:34: Sehwag moves to 31 off 46. Entertaining as usual.

Tom Moody calls Lyon a 'classical' offspinner, who relies on flight and turn into the right hander, without any variations. Cannot agree with this 'back in the day' romanticism though, an offspinner now is required to have variations like the doosra. Not because it is in vogue, simply because it creates enormous doubt in the batsman's mind and fetches you heaps of wickets.

08:29: Nathan Lyon gets the ball. Surprising. Sehwag looked in some discomfort against the short, fast balls thrown at him. He would much rather face the offspinner for sure.

Ganguly feels this is the way to go against Sehwag. Short, fast and absolutely straight to tuck him up, with a short-leg. No room outside off, that's a given of course.

08:24: Here it is, Siddle tests Sehwag with a nasty bouncer gunning for the head. Sehwag fends awkwardly and the ball drops harmlessly to short square-leg. Short-leg needed I think.

A certain calm when Dravid is on strike, and then absolute madness when Sehwag is on.

08:17: Siddle keeps it full and just outside off. Dravid respects the ball and lets it go.

08:14: Peter Siddle replaces Pattinson with his effort stuff.

Dravid in serious form this year. He has done well on previous tour to Australia as well, so expect Dravid to be the key batsman for India once again.

08:08: Dravid begins in style. Pattinson strays onto Dravid's pads and Dravid neatly flicks through midwicket for his first four.

The man arrives. Rahul Dravid is here. Everything is going to be ok.

08:04: Gambhir gone! Hilfenhaus gets his man with a beauty! Good length on off, swinging away from Gambhir, Gambhir pokes tentatively and Haddin cleans up. Gambhir looked far from his best, and Hilfenhaus has removed him for 3.

Sehwag is angry because he felt that Pattinson was in his in way when he was taking a quick single. Shastri feels Pattinson extended in arm out at Sehwag when Sehwag passed him. Replays suggest no such malice though.

07:59: First signs of animosity as Sehwag and Pattinson indulge in some trash talk. Sehwag waves his bat at Pattinson in anger and Siddle walks to Sehwag from mid-off to support his mate.

You'd remember that one of the reasons India were successful on the 2003-04 tour to Australia was because the openers gave the team good starts. Aakash Chopra and Sehwag consistently took India to 50s in their opening partnerships, which helped no end in easing the pressure off the middle order. Can Gambhir and Sehwag do the same?

07:54: Chance goes down! Sehwag pokes Pattinson off the backfoot to gully, but Hussey cannot hold on to low, sharp catch.

07:51: Sehwag on the move. Pattinson with a wide and full ball, Sehwag flays it through cover for four. Zero feet movement, but who cares right?

Can you imagine the excitement if Pat Cummins was in the team? Cummins is such a talent as well, ferociously fast just like Pattinson. We would have Cummins and Pattinson opening at great pace, and Hilfenhaus with curvy, hazy, mystical swing.

07:42: And we're back! Hilfenhaus to Sehwag first up and pacer has got some massive outswing going. Pitching on off and curving well past the bat.

Well, most of you will want Sehwag to prove me wrong. Tune in at 7.35 (IST) to see how Sehwag and India go!

Expect unbridled entertainment from Sehwag when play resumes. But something tells me that Hilfenhaus will cut short Sehwag's wild ways short with his smart 'swingy' stuff. My money is a thick edge to slip or to the 'keeper.

07:04: Lunch! Sehwag and Gambhir keep their wickets intact as India score 6/0 in 3 overs before the break.

Imagine the pressure on Gambhir. He is in a real form crisis of late and everyone (and I mean everyone!) is talking about it. He looks a bit off in terms of timing now, but hopefully he can hang on and maybe scratch his way to a 50.

07:00: Sehwag throws the kitchen sink at a wide Pattinson delivery and misses by a mile. Ravi Shastri reminds us that this is the last over before lunch. Shastri, however, knows better than to say that Sehwag will play this over out safely.

No bowling speeds in this TV telecast and I am annoyed. Very keen to know if Pattinson is touching the 150 mark.

06:56: I think Hilfenahus will trouble Sehwag. Hilfenhaus with his massive swing will pose all sorts of questionsto Sehwag, whose poor footwork could be exploited if Hilfenhaus gets one to move away late.

06:54: Sehwag does his thing first ball. Loopy outswinger outside off and Sehwag lofts the ball over cover for two. The last thing you would expect from a new man, but along expected lines when it comes to Sehwag.

06:53: Hilfenhaus gets the new ball. Swing at moderate pace. Sehwag takes gaurd.

06:52: Pattinson starts with a maiden. Right on target, homing in on Gambhir's off-stump.

I got to say, I'm a huge fan of Pattinson. He is new on the scene, but boy is he impressive! Pure pace, late swing, incredible bounce off a length. And built like a truck. He is the kind of bowler who can make things happen with the ball even if the opposition is well set at 250/2.

06:49: Gambhir and Sehwag open the batting. James Pattinson is up.

Both teams will be fairly happy with the performance in the first innings. 333 is one of those in-between scores which opens a Test to all possibilities. I have a feeling the Indians will be the happier lot though, given Australia usually pummel India when they bat first in Tests in Australia.

Right, excellent stuff from India today morning to dismiss Australia quickly for 333. The bowling today has been far improved, getting the batsmen on the drive. Zaheer with 4 wickets, the standout yet again, even more creditable this time as this is his comeback game. Umesh Yadav bowled well in short spells to get 3 wickets, and Ashwin proved too good for the lower order, taking 3 wickets in his first Test in Australia.

06:40: Lyon bowled, and the Australian innings ends on 333. Ashwin bowls last man Lyon, who tries to sweep but gets way too far across.

06:35: Zaheer troubles Lyon but the no.11 holds on to bat out the over.

Zaheer comes back to finish off the innings and to also bag a deserved 5-wicket haul.

06:26: Nathan Lyon arrives to delay the end of the innings as much as he can.

06:20: Hilfenhaus out! Ashwin plans this dismissal well! Tosses the ball way up in the air and Hilfenhaus could not resist the ugly slog to long-on. Virat Kohli is around in the deep to pocket a simple catch well inside the ropes. Hilfenhaus was beaten in the flight and Australia lose the ninth wicket.

Ashwin picked up the one wicket yesterday, he bowled well and kept things fairly tight.

06:20: First look at spin today, Ashwin comes in

06:18: Hilfenhaus is Australia's Harbhajan Singh with the bat. Technique is quite poor, but the attacking mindset is effective.

Ishant Sharma looks much better today. Same point made earlier on the fuller length. Definite plan today to bowl up to the bat more. Wasim Akram, the master of blasting out the tail, makes a valid point on keeping it pitched up - "When a tailender plays you comfortably off the backfoot, you have to be annoyed as a bowler."

06:11: Left-handed Pattinson looks pretty solid with decent technique. He has made 9 in 34 and looks good for more.

This is such a fantastic sign for India. Zaheer dismisses all doubts about fitness with a stellar show. He is the key to India having a chance of picking up 20 wickets against Australia on this tour. If his fitness remains good on this tour, India's chances of winning multiply manifold.

Zaheer has got all the batsmen in trouble today. It is the fuller length that has done it today. Consistently fuller, with the odd bouncer to keep the batsmen guessing.

06:05: So Australia roll past 300 as Pattinson and Hilfenhaus putting on a bit of a partnership.

There was a very real possibility of Siddle and Haddin carrying on and really frustrating the Indians today. Both batsmen looked steady and determined yesterday and India's inablity to dismiss the lower order is well documented. Enter Zaheer, who did not blast them away, but rather fooled them intelligent bowling to pick up two vital wickets first thing in the morning.

Zaheer doing all sorts with his ball, swinging in and out. Top class stuff, too much for Siddle and Haddin.

05:37: Ben Hilfenhaus come to the crease an starts with a four, cover drive off a full toss from Zaheer.

05:35: Siddle out! Zaheer you beauty! Just short of length on off stump, moves ever so little away and Siddle gets an edge to Dhoni. Ever so simple from Zaheer. His fourth wicket of the innings. What a comeback! Siddle goes for a valuable 41.

05:29: Zaheer's pitch map for today shows clear plan to keep the ball on length and fuller.

05:26: Umesh bowls a couple of bouncers to Pattinson. Easily handled. The last ball is overpitched and Pattinson lets it go. Australia now 291/7

05:19: Zaheer looks seriously impressive today. Full and straight with late swing, he has made life real hard for the batsmen, with Hadding eventually falling. He looks good for a couple more wickets.

05:17: Umesh has started by bowling fuller today, something he did not consistently yesterday when dropped short too often.

India could not have asked for a better start to the day as Pattinson joins Siddle in the middle.

05:10: Haddin gone! A bit of controversy as Zaheer slants one away from Haddin, full ball outside off and Haddin drives on the front foot. Thick edge to Sehwag at gully. Haddin waits around for the umpire, who checks for the no-ball and declares him out. Haddin gone for 27. Zaheer strikes in the second over of the day. Lovely bowling, drawing the batter into the false drive.

05:09: Zaheer Khan with the second over of the day. The usual tight stuff from Zaheer as Haddin pokes around to survive the over. Zaheer will play a key role today if India is to dismiss Australia quickly.

05:06: Umesh Yadav begins the day with the 9 year-old ball. Good pace and late swing and Umesh starts with a 2-run over.

We had an entertaining opening day yesterday where both India and Australia had their moments. You got to say India let the advantage slip during the final session when they allowed Siddle and Haddin take the singles to ease the pressure. Let us hope the visitor's mindset is not as defensive today.

Hello and welcome to the start of Day 2.



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