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Sonia Gandhi likely to return today from US
05 September 2011

Sources in the Congress party say Sonia Gandhi is expected to return to Delhi today. However, it is not clear when she will return to work, or be seen at Parliament - the current session ends on September 8.

The UPA President has been in the US for an operation. The Congress said it would not confirm the nature of her medical problem. Different media reports said Mrs Gandhi was at the Sloane-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, though this was not confirmed by Congress spokespersons.

Mrs Gandhi's absence has been keenly felt by her party -some senior leaders including the Prime Minister have spoken publicly of missing her.  Many in the Congress believe she would have handled last month's 12-day hunger strike by Anna activist Hazare very differently.   The Congress made a series of grave miscalculations in its strategy on the 74-year-old who is fronting a campaign against corruption.  Anna was arrested, then sent to Tihar Jail, which angered thousands of Indians who retaliated by lending their support through blockbusters crowds at Anna's protest camp in Delhi.

While Mrs Gandhi was away, her son, Rahul, has been playing a larger and more visible role than usual in the party's affairs. The PM consulted him on different occasions during Anna's fast; Mr Gandhi also made a rare speech in parliament on Anna and the country's frustration with corruption. Mr Gandhi was among four Congressmen named by Mrs Gandhi as a caretaker committee for the Congress while she was away.

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