July 06 2020
Sold on Anna Hazare, cricket & job scene
12 August 2011

An eight-city TOI-Synovate survey of young Indians shows that while they cherish the many freedoms our country offers, they also have rather clear-cut concerns about what ails it. The survey also throws up several city-level surprises. 

For instance, 75% of respondents nationwide agreed that they enjoyed 'enough rights and freedoms in the country today'. In fact 100% of Bangaloreans felt so, while most other cities showed over 60% of respondents agreeing. Except in Mumbai. A shocking 56% of Mubaikars answered 'No' to this question. Answers to subsequent questions perhaps hold the answer to this Mumbai anomaly. 

When asked 'Which right/freedom do you enjoy most', 38% nationwide listed 'the right to live and work anywhere in India', with 'free speech' and 'right to vote' garnering 27% and 22% respectively. But the 'right to vote' tops in Delhi (43%), Kolkata (48%) and Jaipur (41%). Only in Mumbai does the 'right to work anywhere' clock a whopping 64%. Seen in conjunction with the results from the next poll question ('Do you think today's India offers great job opportunities?'), it reaffirms young Mumbaikars' distaste for the regional chauvinism preached by a couple of parties there. 

When it came to job opportunities, 64% of respondents felt that great potential is to be found in India today, with Chennai the most optimistic of metros (96% agreed) and Mumbai the only city where a majority (63%), again, disagree. 

About 61% of young Indians also felt corruption is the biggest threat facing India right now. Most also said they would not pay a bribe, but only just. Bangaloreans, strangely, appear not to mind paying up; 96% said they'd pay a bribe, while 40% and 39% of Chennai and Ahmedabad respondents, respectively, said they'd do so too. 

Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal campaign is supported by 80% of those surveyed. Some 65% of respondents also support life imprisonment for corrupt officials, with most Delhiites (77%) vehemently agreeing on the measure. Only in Chennai and Jaipur did a large chunk (47%) feel the current five-year prison term was enough. 

Cricket is what young India is clearly crazy about. India's 2011 World Cup win was seen by the largest chunk (46%) as our greatest achievement in the last decade. Ahmedabad and Chennai are the only cities that buck this trend; 56% of Ahmedabad respondents vote for economic growth as the big gain, while the majority of Chennai youth plump for India's telecom revolution. 

But India's love affair with cricket prevails nationwide and clearly spills over into young India's choice of favourite role model: Sachin Tendulkar. Anna Hazare finishes second, while Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan come in at three and four. Rahul Gandhi is a distant fifth. Only Delhi voted for Hazare (40%) over Sachin, while Chennai is the only city where Rahul Gandhi polls second place. But it is Mumbai, yet again, that saves its biggest surprise for this last question. The city's top choice of role model is not its favourite son, Tendulkar, but that good old Indian ethic - family; 20% of Mumbaikars choose their 'parents/father' over Sachin (19%). 



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