February 24 2020
UPA, BJP agree: SC’s Naxal order guided by ideology
04 August 2011

Finding fault with the recent Supreme Court order banning the use of Special Police Officers (SPOs) in the fight against Naxalism, Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said the order seemed to have been guided by the “ideology of its authors” and stepped on a subject that fell exclusively in the domain of the government.

Home Minister P Chidambaram lent the government’s support to the criticism, saying that he “agreed entirely” with the BJP leader on this issue.

Making an intervention during a discussion on internal security in the Upper House, Jaitley brought up the recent order while dwelling on the subject of left-wing extremism. “I must say I am extremely disturbed with the recent pronouncement of the Supreme Court (on the issue),” he said.

“Since 1861 onwards (since the establishment of the Indian Police Act, 1861), community members are actively encouraged to aid and help the civilian police. Village defence committees have been active in many states for a number of years. The concept of SPOs and these committees is that since police cannot be present everywhere all the time, members of the community must come forward to contribute in safeguarding itself,” Jaitley said.



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