May 31 2020
Police looking at CCTV footage for clues
15 July 2011

As an elaborate, spread-out multi-level probe into the 13/7 serial blasts in Mumbai continues, investigators have identified the scooter in which one of the three bombs was planted.

At the same time, CCTV footage was also being scrutinised, Union Home Secretary R.K. Singh told reporters on the sidelines of a function here on Friday. He said the CCTV footage was voluminous, running into 11 CDs and the police was looking to identify people who appear there.

Several persons were being questioned based on their "previous known linkages", Mr. Singh said. Asked about indications of cross-border links, he replied nothing had been established so far.

"Suspicious people are being verified. Various people with previous known linkages are being questioned based on our previous data bases," he added. Asked whether the investigators were working on any definite lead, Mr. Singh said that nothing specific had been zeroed in as yet.

Sources familiar with the ongoing investigations in Mumbai said that cyber experts were giving a fresh look at an e-mail which was believed to have originated elsewhere. Though use of ammonium nitrate in the blasts has been confirmed by the forensic experts, traces of TNT have also been found that have perplexed the investigators. While electric detonators were used in the 13/7 blasts, use of timers was also noticed.

Sources said that "electronic surveillance" was one of the many elements of the massive probe that was going on in the three blasts that killed 18 persons and injured 140 others on July 13.



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