January 23 2019
Artificial intel-based system 'to detect flaws in aircraft'
14 July 2011

Scientists have created an artificial intelligence-based technology which they claim can detect internal flaws in aircraft.

A team at Swinburne University says that its inspection system has the potential to increase aeronautical safety and speed up component safety checks.

Aircraft made mostly from composite materials such as carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers are already on the drawing boards of major aeronautical manufacturers, which seek lighter planes able to carry more passengers, cargo and fuel.

While these ultralight materials are currently available, their widespread use is problematic as the process of scanning for potential flaws is expensive, time-consuming and gives less confidence than similar processes used for checking and certifying metals.

But, the scientists claim to be tackling this challenge by developing an automated approach to processing data from scans of composite materials. The goal is a process based on AI technology that enables analysis to be carried out with much greater speed and accuracy than a human technician could achieve.



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