July 03 2020
Records of 2002 riots destroyed: Gujarat govt
29 June 2011

Ahmedabad: In what may turn out as a crucial lapse in the probe into the 2002 riots, the Gujarat government has officially admitted that all the state intelligence bureau records related to the riots have been destroyed.

As per a newspaper report, the astonishing claim was made by Gujarat government's counsel SB Vakil, who said that the records were destroyed after five years (in 2007) as per standard practice.

The extremely crucial records included - incoming and outgoing call data, log books of government vehicles and officials' movement.

Vakil’s revelation is crucial in view of the allegations made Gujarat cadre IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt against Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Bhatt had told the Nanavati-Mehta commission that he had informed the Chief Minister, in advance, about the attack on the Gulberg Society Feb 28, 2002 but, despite specific intelligence inputs, no orders were issued.

However, Vakil argues that Bhatt filed his affidavit in the Supreme Court only after he came to know that the records of 2002, including IB control room phone records and logbooks of official vehicles, were destroyed.

The state government's counsel also said that the IPS officer is lying about being not only present at the emergency meeting held on the evening of Feb 27, 2002, after 59 people were burnt alive by a mob in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra, but was also present at meetings held the next day, as he knows the official records no longer exist and that his claims implicating Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 riots cannot be verified.

Bhatt had said that as the then intelligence officer, he had informed the Chief Minister about the attack and the threat to the lives of the people living in Gulberg Society, and requested for police protection there.

He claimed that despite having the input, the Chief Minister did not issue any order to prevent any untoward incident.



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