July 04 2020
Rajini speaks to his fans
27 May 2011

The confusion remains the same. Situations have worsened and nothing seems to calm down the ardent fans drowned in desolation. It is all for the sake of their Matinee Idol-Rajnikanth. Ever since he fell sick, it has been unceasing lamentations amongst the fans. In spite of releasing several photographs which revealed that he is alright, the diehard fans all over the world didn’t seem to be satisfied. Finally, Superstar Rajnikanth decided to record his voice to convey his message to his fans all over the world.

In his message, he has said that he will return as soon as he can. His exact statement was: “Naan evlo seekiram varamudiyumo avlo seekirama naan vanthuduven rajakala…” The Superstar also stated that he has God’s grace and that he considers the fans love showered on him as a form of God’s grace. He completes the speech with “Naan seekiram vanthudren…. Ok… bye… good…”

Though Rajini burst out in laughter during the beginning of the speech, his voice seems to be feeble and tired.



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